Tuesday, April 6, 2010


highlight of my day :


that might sound strange to all the us & gb people,
but i m honest, i ve never seen a bagel here in Luxembourg before, and believe me i ve looked everywhere !
so lunch was probably the second time in my life that i ate/saw a real bagel,
 and let me tell you it was AMAZING !
oh and it was not a "normal" ,boring,plain,white bagel NO it was a wonderful tasty multi grain one !
yes sometimes i don't need much to be in a good mood ;)
voilà and here is a picture of my love of the day :


oh,by the way if anyone knows a place in Luxembourg where i can get them i would be MORE than welcome to here it,or maybe an easy bagel recipe so that i can make them myself?:)

on top of all this,i could enjoy it sitting in the sun as we had the first "real" spring day of the year,sunny..blue sky...perfect day:)

Monday, April 5, 2010






Wednesday, March 31, 2010


is too short. You'll be an old woman before you know it.  

first of all: sorry for my long absence. during those last 
months i had a hard relapse,and none of my days was 
blog-worth . some things went bad in my life,and so
i took the easy escape: my ed...from one day to the 
other i isolated myself again in my "safe" bubble,
disconnected to the real world. my ed makes me forget 
all my problems... for a very short time...and then they 
are all back and even worse ...vicious circle... 

so i ve spent the last months mostly alone at home, 
hiding from the real world, jealously watching  
my friends,my family having great times.  

i ve realised how short our lives and most of all
our youth are. this last years i ve spent my time 
in hospitals, centres, at doctors or alone at home . 
i ve completely missed my teenage years, the ones 
you are supposed to be the happiest.  
why? because i am unable to start to live and  
leave the ed behind me... 
but life is too short,i ve already missed so much,
i ve so many plans, there are so many new things 
i ve to explore and i won't let my ed destroy my life... 
and the life of my family who i see suffering so much  

maybe it's the spring ,symbol of the rebirth that  
makes me be hopefully again? ;) anyway this time 
i really wanna fight, and try my hardest to 
"beat the beast"... and amazingly this last days 
have already been much much better. 
although i m still very confused about what and  
how much to eat...i ve no idea of portions,of  
how many calories i REALLY need... 
and i couldn't get a n.appointment before for JUNE! (grmpf :/ )  
so far i try to inspire on all you many wonderful  
bloggers ,your tips are always welcome :) 

i leave you with a little video (no foodie pic today  
but i promise i ll start doing them again tomorrow
as that motivates me even more to eat accurately )  
and send you all a lot of spring power :)  
and never forget,life is too short to be wasted like that!

Saturday, January 23, 2010

i don't need enemies...

guten morgen liebe sorgen...

1) add to yesterdays post:

dinner: portabella stuffed with vegetables & cheeseeee

breakfast:(my new) overnight granola & soymilk & 

fage greek yog & COCONUTMILK, frozen persimmon (<3)>

pome granat

very tasty granola,and gluten free (that might intrest some people :) )

lunch : ww spaghetti, yellowp. & carrot &coconut sauce, 

crumbled leftovers from the lentil-burgers

snack: self-made bar : oats,peer+applesauce,nuts,driedfruits,cinn.,

van.,coconutmilk >oven

topped with this AMAZINNNNNG monki NUTBUTTER I bought some 

days ago hazelnut&raisins  (unfortunately i couldn't find a pic of 

it on the internet,so you have that pic and you have to 

imagine the raisins ;) )


2)new food


dinner: M.E.'s  tarte flambée (cornwrap+ :D-cowcheese +ypepper 

+apple slices & germs...



divine :)

(oats&wheatbran&newgranola &spices &raisins >cooked, take away from the hotplate, put in coconutmilk &carrots&almonds & AND of course the wonderful raisinhazelnutbutter:) )

special thx to E. & M. :) <3


snack : new bars i found :)  keiko greenkiss matchatea apripan  and one with just apripan(dried apricots ;) )


dessert:  fastest,easiest,healthy,tasty....coco-apple-pear-hazelnut cake :)

ryvita dark wholegrain rye (but you can take anything you want,oats,granola,cookies crumbled....)

+coconutmilk +soya  (or yoghurt,... )

+apple/pearsauce (again just choose what you like most,sliced fruits are also great,and jam...)

+raisins & nutbutter

> fridge ..magical: the texture becomes really cakelike :)

3) i don't feel good at all this last days

my whole body aches,i feel so weak&tired,and my bloodpressure is ways to low &sick,headache...

all i wanna do is stay at home,alone, in my bed.

yesterday i didn't even leave my apartment...it 's so exhausting to walk & to face the cold,i didn't had enough courage :(

one of my only friends (i don't have many friends left,thank you ed...)

worries a lot about me,so she wants me to go visit a city not far from where i live. 

it sounds like so much fun,an would really love to go with her,but i feel again so tired and exhausted,and i gonna have to eat with her for lunch,i gonna have to eat outside... and so the whole time i think about writing her that i have a flu and can't go with her...

that's so silly...i could have a great day,but my ed is destroying it.

i don't need enemies,i m my biggest enemy..

well i gonna take a shower now,hope that will make me feel better and than i will hopefully go with her to that city,and have a great great day.

we gonna leave in some hours,and be back tonight, than i will hopefully be able to show you pics of the trip :)

i wish you all a wonderful saturday:)

Friday, January 22, 2010

friday i have monday on my mind.

hello lovely readers :)

thank you so much for all your nice comments :)

so,as i have an appointment pretty soon i just 

gonna post my new pic,the explanations

 gonna follow tonight ;)



breakfast. (inspired by 2 lovely girls: M&E







Thursday, January 21, 2010


oh i m so exited!

there are BIG chances i ll spend one month 

during summer in tarrytown,language exchange 

program.  this sounds so unbelievable ,i m just 

too happy :) and got one more reason to 


so know it's your turn dear readers,

tell me everything you know about tarrytown ?;)

i really can't wait for the summer ,

but it seems so far away as right now 

looking out of y window everything is 

white and snowy :/

i m really not a winterperson

well i like to "watch" the winter,wintersport,

but: it's to cold for me.

i m always freezing,even in summer,so during 

wintermonths, it's really hard,as most of the 

time we have like 23 f...which kind of paralyses 

me and makes it difficult to go outside.


thank you very much e.d. for making me such a

"chilblain" :(

oh but it has one positive side,

i ve plenty time to cook :

1) dinner:pastelsalad.


(quorn.apple.avocado.quinoa.wheat(ebly).redrice.salad.cashews )

right before falling asleep,i suddenly had pictures of great meals in my head,couldn't wait to get up ;)

well as usual i was up at 4(:/)

an pretty soon i started cooking:

2)the best oatmeal i ve ever had!a day started with this ,can only become a good day :)





(and (too) many cups of cinnamon&vanilla coffee )


3)lunch:as i had plenty time,i decided to create my first veggiburger,as i didn't find a good recipe,i made some freestyling haha :)

but i m quiet happy about the result 





&bread"chips" (grainbread+currypeppersalt+oven+rollingpin)



(mycurry spice mix recipe will be post 2morrow not enough time left;)

(and a nice cup of ginger&citron tea)

4) unfortunately i was still very early,so i tried an other new thing:larabar

ever since i read f-blogs i m so jealous to see people eating larabars.in my country they don't sale anything like that,and i would almost take a plain to make a trip to the u.s. just to try one of this bars haha :) 

one day i m gonna marry a multimillionaire ;) 

but until then i tried to come up with my own larabars :



first i tried to blend it all in my mixer,but he didn't survive it haha,so i just mashed it with a fork after:

-heating the raisins&dates with water in the micro.

-shredding apple ,an with paper/towel trying to get the most juice out of it (don't throw it away,this juice is absolutely delicious :) )

mixed all of it & formed a bar >fridge

and oh this was so good,like apple.cin.xmas.nut cake :)

unfortunately i m not able to tell you if it tastes like the real larabars haha :) but it tastes as i imagine lbars taste ;)

it's gonna be hard to top that tonight haha

it's so strange to read this,some weeks ago i had never even dreamed of eating like this,to be honest yesterday was the first time i had avocado since years! my main problem : fat...i m still not able to use oil,butter ...it's just so difficult for me to "waste" those calories in something that doesn't brings me much satisfaction/taste,for me the difference between oil-free or oily vegetables for instance isn't worth the calories :/

therefor i try to eat plenty nuts ,which i love,to give my body at least some fats.

but now i m off to have coffee with a friend in a very small coffeehouse in my city.it's so cosy,at the inside it looks just like a livingroom,even little cheesy , the coffee is amazing & best of all: there are only (very lovely/hot) boys working,which are always in the mood for some chitchatting :)

maybe i m gonna make a pic ,as i believe my descriptions aren't very clear ;)

i wish you all a tasty day,tomorrow is finally friday,almost weekend :)

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

looking forward to the weekend.


hmm let's start with a little gift for you ;)

checking out jealously the quakers products available in the U.s.

 (we just have the very simple oats :( no larabars,1 brand 

nut-butters,no cliff bars,no TJ,no flav.oikos,only 1 cottcheese.....

(i should move!)

well i found this on their website:


big gallery AND you can create your own crazy oatmeal haha :)

so now from the virtual food to the ehm...slightly more real food :

breakfast : 

actually i had prepared a very nice bowl of "overnight.oats.bircherstyle. "

but this morning,i decided to be spontaneous,so i walk over to the fridge,

took one egg-white,mixed it in my oats and chased them to the oven :)

> flavorful amazing oatmeal ,the texture is very different if you let the 

oats soak before heating them.


(oats & flaxseed & 1apple(shr.) & 0.5banana(mash) & nut+driedfruitmedley 

& soymilk(+h2o) & cinvan & eggw)

right after the picture: switched the GIANT pancake into a bowl,i don't 

know why,but i always prefer to eat out of bowls rather then on plates,

i even cut my sandwiches in pieces and put them in a bowl to eat them 

with a spoon haha :)

dinner last night,made in a rush as i was very hungry...

fastvegchilly(can.tomatoes,black beans,ypepperchills,CHILLLLI,carrot&feta )

+ "breadchips" + carrot,raisin,cashew,cinnamon,ojuice,iceberg salad




and last but not least : todays lunch

aka. grainbread+laugh.cowchees+beans+ypepper+tomatoes >oven baked

&     carrot+ginger+cinnamon+raisins+soymilk+almonds  > "puree"

all top with tons of white pepper :)



again i m having such a bad headache,and i am awake since 3...:/

but my morning was very nice AS i took a class in a new yogaclub

so far i might have done yoga like 3 times in my life,but i though 

it would be a good idea to take some lessons,this might help to 

feel better ,to be more aware of my body,his needs,

to "distress" ,find an inner balance..less sleep troubles,

more zen...blablabla ;)

in fact it was really nice,i was impressed by the passion the 

instructor had for his work

it was really contagious !

nice thing 2 : there were no mirrors...i remember my old ballet 

lessons,seeing myself wherever i looked...

it's so much better/healthier to listen to your body from the inside,

instead of  judging it by a fake reflection.

so i m gonna return to this course and hope that i will find my inner

balance haha :)

what about you?

yoga?when yes,has it helped you?

facing the same bowlphenomen aka. platephobia? ;)