Wednesday, March 31, 2010


is too short. You'll be an old woman before you know it.  

first of all: sorry for my long absence. during those last 
months i had a hard relapse,and none of my days was 
blog-worth . some things went bad in my life,and so
i took the easy escape: my ed...from one day to the 
other i isolated myself again in my "safe" bubble,
disconnected to the real world. my ed makes me forget 
all my problems... for a very short time...and then they 
are all back and even worse ...vicious circle... 

so i ve spent the last months mostly alone at home, 
hiding from the real world, jealously watching  
my friends,my family having great times.  

i ve realised how short our lives and most of all
our youth are. this last years i ve spent my time 
in hospitals, centres, at doctors or alone at home . 
i ve completely missed my teenage years, the ones 
you are supposed to be the happiest.  
why? because i am unable to start to live and  
leave the ed behind me... 
but life is too short,i ve already missed so much,
i ve so many plans, there are so many new things 
i ve to explore and i won't let my ed destroy my life... 
and the life of my family who i see suffering so much  

maybe it's the spring ,symbol of the rebirth that  
makes me be hopefully again? ;) anyway this time 
i really wanna fight, and try my hardest to 
"beat the beast"... and amazingly this last days 
have already been much much better. 
although i m still very confused about what and  
how much to eat...i ve no idea of portions,of  
how many calories i REALLY need... 
and i couldn't get a n.appointment before for JUNE! (grmpf :/ )  
so far i try to inspire on all you many wonderful  
bloggers ,your tips are always welcome :) 

i leave you with a little video (no foodie pic today  
but i promise i ll start doing them again tomorrow
as that motivates me even more to eat accurately )  
and send you all a lot of spring power :)  
and never forget,life is too short to be wasted like that!

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