Saturday, January 23, 2010

i don't need enemies...

guten morgen liebe sorgen...

1) add to yesterdays post:

dinner: portabella stuffed with vegetables & cheeseeee

breakfast:(my new) overnight granola & soymilk & 

fage greek yog & COCONUTMILK, frozen persimmon (<3)>

pome granat

very tasty granola,and gluten free (that might intrest some people :) )

lunch : ww spaghetti, yellowp. & carrot &coconut sauce, 

crumbled leftovers from the lentil-burgers

snack: self-made bar : oats,peer+applesauce,nuts,driedfruits,cinn.,

van.,coconutmilk >oven

topped with this AMAZINNNNNG monki NUTBUTTER I bought some 

days ago hazelnut&raisins  (unfortunately i couldn't find a pic of 

it on the internet,so you have that pic and you have to 

imagine the raisins ;) )


2)new food


dinner: M.E.'s  tarte flamb√©e (cornwrap+ :D-cowcheese +ypepper 

+apple slices & germs...



divine :)

(oats&wheatbran&newgranola &spices &raisins >cooked, take away from the hotplate, put in coconutmilk &carrots&almonds & AND of course the wonderful raisinhazelnutbutter:) )

special thx to E. & M. :) <3


snack : new bars i found :)  keiko greenkiss matchatea apripan  and one with just apripan(dried apricots ;) )


dessert:  fastest,easiest,healthy,tasty....coco-apple-pear-hazelnut cake :)

ryvita dark wholegrain rye (but you can take anything you want,oats,granola,cookies crumbled....)

+coconutmilk +soya  (or yoghurt,... )

+apple/pearsauce (again just choose what you like most,sliced fruits are also great,and jam...)

+raisins & nutbutter

> fridge ..magical: the texture becomes really cakelike :)

3) i don't feel good at all this last days

my whole body aches,i feel so weak&tired,and my bloodpressure is ways to low &sick,headache...

all i wanna do is stay at home,alone, in my bed.

yesterday i didn't even leave my 's so exhausting to walk & to face the cold,i didn't had enough courage :(

one of my only friends (i don't have many friends left,thank you ed...)

worries a lot about me,so she wants me to go visit a city not far from where i live. 

it sounds like so much fun,an would really love to go with her,but i feel again so tired and exhausted,and i gonna have to eat with her for lunch,i gonna have to eat outside... and so the whole time i think about writing her that i have a flu and can't go with her...

that's so silly...i could have a great day,but my ed is destroying it.

i don't need enemies,i m my biggest enemy..

well i gonna take a shower now,hope that will make me feel better and than i will hopefully go with her to that city,and have a great great day.

we gonna leave in some hours,and be back tonight, than i will hopefully be able to show you pics of the trip :)

i wish you all a wonderful saturday:)


  1. i dont have any friends, in real life, thanks to ed too :( have fun out in the city with your fried, hope to see pics of the trip :))

    CARROT CAKE OATS!! yay! omg that looks like the best carrot oats, ever, raisinhazelnutbutter, YUMMMiiii ;) and love how u made it ! :)

    ::::fage greek yog & COCONUTMILK, frozen persimmon pome granat::: ----> sounds sooo good, i am making THAT! ;)

    love u beautiful girl


  2. i also dont have many friends outside of girls with ED's...anorexia steals so much away from us :( but have a great day girly out!!...and dont let your ED destroy your fun day, you can do it :)
    love your eats, your overnight granola sounds soo good! and raisin hazelnut butter omg yum! i want to make that ;) your carrot cake oats look and sound so delicious <3

    love you,

  3. Your food always looks so creative and pretty! I honestly don't have the patience to make my food look that way most of the time lol

    I lost most of my friends because of my ED as well... over time I just isolated myself so much tat we grew apart, and now even if I tried to rekindle friendships, it would probably be hard...

    I'm sorry that you're not feeling well, love... Take care of yourself and enjoy your weekend, okay?

  4. hej lovie,

    I hope you faced this situation and gave yourselfe the needed push to go out with your friend.
    It would be the right thing to do and could help to brighten up these dark and cold winter days and on the other side it would be also a chance to prove to you that you are stronger than stupid ED voices.
    where did you stop to have lunch?


  5. hey! i love your food it looks delicious(: aw im sorry that you dont feel you have many friends due to ed, but soon enough you will get them back. just go with the flow and be yourself! and carrot cake oats yummm. i love that stuff [; your fage mess sounds AMAZING. you have inspired me to try that out! have a great saturday sweetie xoxo soph

  6. thanks for stopping by my blog. those oats look great. hope you can overcome ed~ live life as it was meant to be lived! go have fun with your friend :)

  7. Hey girl I'll be your friend!! C;
    Frozen persimmons are amazing,right! All your food photos are so creative and pretty! <3 them!!! Hope you had a great weekend sweetie!
    All my love

  8. Hi there - thanks for following my blog - i too woould love to be your friend!!!! Love all of your foodie pictures - especially your carrot oats!!!!
    Hope you have a great day!!!!! Stay positive - xoxo aimee

  9. meine suesse!
    i'm so sorry to hear you're not feeling so well at the moment but pls bare in wind that things will always get better. some days are harder and some will be better. i'm here for you if you need to talk!
    get some rest and do something good for yourself to help you relax and calm down
    alles gute

  10. Hey I emailed you on etsy!! Please let me know whats going on!