Friday, January 22, 2010

friday i have monday on my mind.

hello lovely readers :)

thank you so much for all your nice comments :)

so,as i have an appointment pretty soon i just 

gonna post my new pic,the explanations

 gonna follow tonight ;)



breakfast. (inspired by 2 lovely girls: M&E








  1. Hi there!!!! Just wanted to say what a delicious looking lunch - it looked too beautiful to eat!!!!!!!
    So happy I found your blog!!!!!!!!!!! Ill definately follow it!!!
    Have a great weekend!!!!! lol aimee

  2. vielen dank für deinen kommentar, dein nudelmädchen sieht fabulös aus!
    du bist also auch ein deutsch sprechendes exemplar in der blogwelt, wo studierst du denn und vor allem was?wenn du kunst sagst, dann werde ich natürlich neugierig ;)
    liebe grüsse, lotta

  3. Hello :)
    Yum! everything looks delicious!
    LOVE your lunch plate. supa cute.

  4. hey lovie,
    your eats loos so yummi! and ahh love persimmons, and that pasta is so cute with the little lady ahhh made me smile :] you are so cute!
    have a great appointment.

    love you

  5. Hello cutie!
    your eats look so amazing, and creative, lovely as always :) persimmons=love! that looks so good and the snacksnack looked soo cute and loved it made me smiley ---> :D
    hehe. good luck @ the appointment,and this summer we have to meet in tarrytown ;) and all be healthy and very very happy and free! :)

    love you!

  6. du schreibst es perfekt!!wenn mein französisch doch nur so perfekt wäre....

    dein studienfach ist toll, ich stelle s mir auf jeden fall so vor!und damit schliesst sich der kreis mit deinen wundervollen food-pics.
    ich suche immer nach guten kamera-tips, kannst du mir sagen welche du verwendest?

    ich bin in der produktdesignecke zu finden und plädiere" mehr schöne müslischalen für alle".(die blogwelt schätzt schöne schalen, der rest der bevölkerung muss noch bekehrt werden ;))

  7. ^^^^^^^ i am translating to english ;) u

    You write it perfect!!if my french but only as perfect would ... your subject's great i s me in any case before!and thus joins the circle with your wonderful food-pics i'm. after good camera-tips, you can say you are using what? I am in product design and advocate more beautiful müslischalen(??) ;) for all the.(blog world appreciates beautiful dishes and the rest of the population converted must still ;))

    :) how did I do?? hehe

  8. :D
    excellent (help by google ?;) )
    ah well mïslischalen ,are "granola bowls ;)
    i was so irritated when i first read your post,i was like,hmm i ve already read that comment,but i can't remember it was maya who posted it
    hahaha i should really go to bed ;)

    good night dear :)

  9. wooohhhh, if you both could see me smiling, sooo cool maya, I think you should work as a cool done!!!!!(hugs:))

    yeah granola bowl design should be a market niche, hahaaa--now Ive found my profession :)
    I will write to Ikea, they need me--but they dont know not yet..:D

  10. OMG CUTEST POST EVER! hahah loved the lady made with spaghetti :] you are so creative!
    lots of love!

  11. aww you're lunch looks fabulous!
    aus luxenburg? that's AMAZING! ich komme aus trier, praktisch direkt neben dir ;) wir fahren immer nach luxemburg zum tanken! haha!
    das ist so schoen jemanden von ganz nah aus der heimat zu treffen!
    ganz liebe gruesse