Thursday, January 21, 2010


oh i m so exited!

there are BIG chances i ll spend one month 

during summer in tarrytown,language exchange 

program.  this sounds so unbelievable ,i m just 

too happy :) and got one more reason to 


so know it's your turn dear readers,

tell me everything you know about tarrytown ?;)

i really can't wait for the summer ,

but it seems so far away as right now 

looking out of y window everything is 

white and snowy :/

i m really not a winterperson

well i like to "watch" the winter,wintersport,

but: it's to cold for me.

i m always freezing,even in summer,so during 

wintermonths, it's really hard,as most of the 

time we have like 23 f...which kind of paralyses 

me and makes it difficult to go outside.


thank you very much e.d. for making me such a

"chilblain" :(

oh but it has one positive side,

i ve plenty time to cook :

1) dinner:pastelsalad.


( )

right before falling asleep,i suddenly had pictures of great meals in my head,couldn't wait to get up ;)

well as usual i was up at 4(:/)

an pretty soon i started cooking:

2)the best oatmeal i ve ever had!a day started with this ,can only become a good day :)





(and (too) many cups of cinnamon&vanilla coffee )


3)lunch:as i had plenty time,i decided to create my first veggiburger,as i didn't find a good recipe,i made some freestyling haha :)

but i m quiet happy about the result 




&bread"chips" (grainbread+currypeppersalt+oven+rollingpin)



(mycurry spice mix recipe will be post 2morrow not enough time left;)

(and a nice cup of ginger&citron tea)

4) unfortunately i was still very early,so i tried an other new thing:larabar

ever since i read f-blogs i m so jealous to see people eating my country they don't sale anything like that,and i would almost take a plain to make a trip to the u.s. just to try one of this bars haha :) 

one day i m gonna marry a multimillionaire ;) 

but until then i tried to come up with my own larabars :


first i tried to blend it all in my mixer,but he didn't survive it haha,so i just mashed it with a fork after:

-heating the raisins&dates with water in the micro.

-shredding apple ,an with paper/towel trying to get the most juice out of it (don't throw it away,this juice is absolutely delicious :) )

mixed all of it & formed a bar >fridge

and oh this was so good,like apple.cin.xmas.nut cake :)

unfortunately i m not able to tell you if it tastes like the real larabars haha :) but it tastes as i imagine lbars taste ;)

it's gonna be hard to top that tonight haha

it's so strange to read this,some weeks ago i had never even dreamed of eating like this,to be honest yesterday was the first time i had avocado since years! my main problem : fat...i m still not able to use oil,butter's just so difficult for me to "waste" those calories in something that doesn't brings me much satisfaction/taste,for me the difference between oil-free or oily vegetables for instance isn't worth the calories :/

therefor i try to eat plenty nuts ,which i love,to give my body at least some fats.

but now i m off to have coffee with a friend in a very small coffeehouse in my's so cosy,at the inside it looks just like a livingroom,even little cheesy , the coffee is amazing & best of all: there are only (very lovely/hot) boys working,which are always in the mood for some chitchatting :)

maybe i m gonna make a pic ,as i believe my descriptions aren't very clear ;)

i wish you all a tasty day,tomorrow is finally friday,almost weekend :)


  1. Your eats look fantastic! I love having lots of time to cook and be creative... and it looks like you too total advantage of that :) So creative... come cook for me? Please? :) It's great that you're letting yourself enjoy good food again... That's definitely one of the best parts of recovery.

    And I hear you on the winter... I think it's beautiful and I love the season overall, but I get really really cold too so it's hard for me to do anything...

    Have a great end of the week, hun!

  2. hey lovie,
    ahh Tarrytown? that in NY...because my dad lives in a town called tarrytown :) well any ways, your eats are like works of art, so beautiful and look so delicious, that bowl of oatmeal looks and sounds soo good!...and i am going to make that granola bar, yum! :]

    have a great time with your friend at coffee...oh and thanks for the friend request on face book you are so gorgeous by the way! :)


  3. I am in love with your blog love!
    Your homemade eats are beautiful! I hope they tasted as amazing as they look!
    Hope to read more from you, you are so wonderful!!
    All my love
    Amanda xx

  4. ahh Tarrytown NY this summer omg so cool, thats like 10 min from where i live! :] we have to meet! and by the way are you from Belgium, i have a lot of family from Belgium!


  5. my bus stop for camp used to be in tarry town! its a beautiful area i think :] never spent much time there but yes, another reason for recovery!!! keep up that motivation :]
    congrats on making all those fantabulous looking eats! they all look super delicious, especially the veggieburgers :]
    and good job on the avocado :] i used to be sooo scared of them but now i'm absolutely in love again, such a good tasting thing those things are! haha

  6. Your blog is beautiful! What kind of camera do you use?

  7. hello beautiful!
    ja ich spreche deutsch! so wonderful to meet someone from europe! yay! are you from germany? if so which part of germany?
    you have such a beautiful blog and i am so happy to read more about you in the future.
    have a beautiful friday morning to wake up to

  8. you can't beat cozy coffee houses! hope you had a great time. OH and i am so jealous that your friend makes homemade bolani, wow!