Wednesday, January 20, 2010

looking forward to the weekend.


hmm let's start with a little gift for you ;)

checking out jealously the quakers products available in the U.s.

 (we just have the very simple oats :( no larabars,1 brand 

nut-butters,no cliff bars,no TJ,no flav.oikos,only 1 cottcheese.....

(i should move!)

well i found this on their website:

big gallery AND you can create your own crazy oatmeal haha :)

so now from the virtual food to the ehm...slightly more real food :

breakfast : 

actually i had prepared a very nice bowl of "overnight.oats.bircherstyle. "

but this morning,i decided to be spontaneous,so i walk over to the fridge,

took one egg-white,mixed it in my oats and chased them to the oven :)

> flavorful amazing oatmeal ,the texture is very different if you let the 

oats soak before heating them.


(oats & flaxseed & 1apple(shr.) & 0.5banana(mash) & nut+driedfruitmedley 

& soymilk(+h2o) & cinvan & eggw)

right after the picture: switched the GIANT pancake into a bowl,i don't 

know why,but i always prefer to eat out of bowls rather then on plates,

i even cut my sandwiches in pieces and put them in a bowl to eat them 

with a spoon haha :)

dinner last night,made in a rush as i was very hungry...

fastvegchilly(can.tomatoes,black beans,ypepperchills,CHILLLLI,carrot&feta )

+ "breadchips" + carrot,raisin,cashew,cinnamon,ojuice,iceberg salad




and last but not least : todays lunch

aka. grainbread+laugh.cowchees+beans+ypepper+tomatoes >oven baked

&     carrot+ginger+cinnamon+raisins+soymilk+almonds  > "puree"

all top with tons of white pepper :)



again i m having such a bad headache,and i am awake since 3...:/

but my morning was very nice AS i took a class in a new yogaclub

so far i might have done yoga like 3 times in my life,but i though 

it would be a good idea to take some lessons,this might help to 

feel better ,to be more aware of my body,his needs,

to "distress" ,find an inner balance..less sleep troubles,

more zen...blablabla ;)

in fact it was really nice,i was impressed by the passion the 

instructor had for his work

it was really contagious !

nice thing 2 : there were no mirrors...i remember my old ballet 

lessons,seeing myself wherever i looked...

it's so much better/healthier to listen to your body from the inside,

instead of  judging it by a fake reflection.

so i m gonna return to this course and hope that i will find my inner

balance haha :)

what about you?

yoga?when yes,has it helped you?

facing the same bowlphenomen aka. platephobia? ;)


  1. love your baked oats! and love your recipe and how you wrote out the ingredients i totally got it 100% lol..shr=shredded apple.. ;) and soymilk(+h2o) & cinvan & eggw)= soymilk, water and cinnamon and vanilla and egg white ;P love it...makin this soon!
    love your pics by the way, so gorgeous! and yoga, love yoga so relaxing...have a great day!


  2. Hey girlie! Wow everything looks and sounds heavenly :D I LOVE the grain bread. Yoga is such a great part of my life--it has helped me appreciate my body for what it CAN DO vs. what it looks like. I love feeling strong, challenged, and at peace after a class.

    p.s. thank you for the romance advice hehe :D

    p.s.s. the tomatillo doesn't taste like the typical tomato. It's actually not in the tomato family--it's related to the gooseberry. Hmm.. I'd say the flavor is tart :)


  3. love your food pics! and i esp love that you do heart shaped foods...i'm kinda obsessed with that haha.

    and definitely not too late to celebrate natl popcorn day, go for it!

  4. Beautiful blog you have! Can't wait to continue to read more!


  5. wow love the sound of the yoga class, hmm maybe that will help me sleep! :) and omg now i dont feel as alone, i hate eating on plates lol...i alway eat in a bowl, evry chance i get, although sanwiches i have never ate in a bowl, suprisingly ;P i would think i would have tried that, considering how odd i am..not that that is "odd" haha ;)

    love ur blog and the eats and the pics and ur too cute and lovely :)

  6. Your foods look delish! I love the heart on the oats :)

    I started yoga since beginning my recovery and found it really helped. I love how it makes my body feel and how much stronger I feel, and more in tune with my body. Plus it's really helped me with relaxation, and it keeps me grounded. I hope it does all these things for you as well :)

  7. Hi there - just found your blog and love it!!!
    I just started yoga and love it - it makes me feel so relaxed!!! I especially love all of the stretching - definately give it a try - it has definately helped me in my recovery!!!!! Look forward to reading more posts!!!!!! xoxo aimee